Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Beauty Salon & Spa Site Selection

When you are planning to open a beauty salon, the first thing that you need to have is a plan and after that a suitable property. Finding a suitable property is the most important and tedious task.

You can either purchase but as real estate is too expensive these days, you can get it on lease.

There are important criteria on which the property can be evaluated. There are few criteria that can’t be compromised at all.

The location plays an important part. The location is directly linked to the brand positioning in the market.  More premium the salon is, more premium location it should have. Ideally it should be located in the nucleus of a 5km diameter target group settlement. It can be a high street location, a commercial market or a mall. 

If it is a high street location, it’s better if it faces a one way major road. It automatically advertises the salon to the people who are travelling on that road.  Facing a one way road than a two way road is better as there is less possibility of a chaos.      

It should also have easy connections with means of public transport as it should be accessible to your staff as well.

There should be enough parking for the visitors, or you need to have a Valet parking arrangement.

Ground floor location is the best as it provides more visibility and an easy access to visitors. Upper floor locations are fine if there is an elevator.  Basements should be avoided as one has to depend on electro-mechanical means for drainage. There is always a risk of dampness from side walls. 

The Frontage of the property plays an important part. More the visibility, better it is for the business of the salon. A corner property with two side visibility is a bonus.

The entrance to the building shall not be through a narrow corridor or a narrow staircase.

The availability of signage space is very crucial because it establishes the first dialogue with the visitor.  It also defines the territory of the salon. So a bigger signage space conveys a bigger territory and a bigger image of the salon.  In case the property is within the mall adequate signage space should be provided so that passerby can see the advertisement even from the road.   

The efficiency of carpet area is very crucial. A column free space can be idle but it’s not possible always. An architect can judge this aspect by quickly drawing some layout sketches using critical dimensions as applicable in a beauty salon.  So it’s advisable to take services of an architect even at this stage.

The floor to ceiling height is important. The bottom of beam should not be less than 9’0” from the floor level and bottom of ceiling should not be less than 10’ from the floor. In malls and other places if ducting for AC is required then it should be 12 feet minimum.

In case of high street locations, it’s important to identify space for keeping Outdoor AC units and DG set.

Equally important are the two other services namely electrical and plumbing. Adequate electrical load should be there as required for the operations of a salon. There should be enough overhead water storage as you will require lot of water in your salon and also proper drainage. 

The quality of existing structure should be good. It shouldn’t be older than 15-20 years. There shouldn’t be water leakage marks or rusting of steel marks. Look for dampness in walls. It shouldn’t be in a dilapidated state otherwise it will take a lot of your budget to rectify these defects.

It is advisable to have the floor on a single level. Split levels create wastage of areas and also inefficiency in operations.

If you are taking this property on lease and ready to invest in interiors, you must have a 9 year lease.  Make sure that all legal permissions are in place to run this business from this place.

To conclude I would say that it’s advisable to put more efforts in selecting a property based on these criteria. A good property will automatically give you a jump-start that is required when you open a new salon. 
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